Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gotta Love This Kid

The call came at 2:50 p.m.

Our school's assistant administrator called to let me know that Brody was itching and had broken out in little bumps all over his face, neck, and arms. Off to his school I went to pick him up.

Before I tell you of the conversation that ensued between Brody and I, I have to tell you of our family discussion over breakfast this morning. After family devotions we discussed talents given to each of us by God. As we discussed, Brody determined that my talent was, "having babies".

So on our drive home from the school the conversation went like this:

Me: What did your teacher say when you told her you were itchy? Did she tell you to go to the office?

Brody: No, it was me who told my teacher that I was itchy, and I asked her to call my mom so that she could figure it out.

Me: Well if anybody could figure it out it must be mom, huh?

Brody: Yeah because you've worked with me for 7 years, Ashlyn for 6 years, and Garrett for 9 years so you must know how to heal a lot of sicknesses.

I LOVE that in Brody's mind I'm a baby-making, illness-healing wonder. Watch out world, here I come!


Little apartment in the city said...

Love it! Are his itchy bumps all better now?

Aunt Sally said...

TOO Precious! Love that picture, makes me smile. Enjoy this time, too soon they realize our failings.