Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogging, What's That?

There is NO WAY it's been an official month since I last posted an entry, no way. Alas, as Wayne and Garth (of Wayne's World, of course) would say, WAY!!!

Sigh, there's been SO much going on, so much worthy blog fodder and a sincere desire to blog on my part. So what's the problem? Time! Time, the precious facet of life I'm sure we all find ourselves wishing for more of at one time or another. And I have to ask, did anyone miss me?

For the sake of summary and since I'm on Zack's laptop and don't have access to any of the pictures I've uploaded recently, here's a bullet list of the goings-on of the last month or so.

* You know about the flooding, what you may not know is that we've now been living in my husband's company condo for the last month. Boy do I miss home.

* In terms of remodeling we're at a stand still. We're not currently doing construction of any sort (unless you count the laying of sod that Zack did to cover a 4x6 ft. hole that had to be dug in the middle of our back yard. Long, long story folks and I'm just not up to telling it.)

* A very dear, very loved family that is friends of ours lost their 4-year-old son suddenly. Blaze was the sweetest of sweet, the cherry on top, the icing on the cake... just the neatest little boy who gave the BEST hugs. We miss him deeply and continue to grieve with our friends!

* Brody lost his first tooth. And can I just tell you that inflation is an amazing phenomenon? What kid gets $4 for a tooth? Brody, that's who!

* We've had golf lessons, swimming lessons, a summer science camp, ballet camp and more fun times with friends that I can count.

* We traveled to Cody, WY for the 4th of July. Anyone been to the Stampede Rodeo there in cow country? If not you're missing out, really! We attended the Bull Riding Extreme Competition that'll be broadcast on ESPN in early September. Check your local listings for the date and time and see if you can find the Graham family in the grandstand!

Suffice it to say that's just a very brief recap of life over the last month. My goal is to disipline myself so as to provide you with photos, posts, and the ever-present Graham kid antics that will keep you checking in every day.

Stick with me folks, because this girlfriend's back!