Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's the simple things

I'm so, very thankful for those moments when my life is focused to a pin point and I can see with clarity those things that are of true value. Today I had one such moment. It was simple. And was it ever beautiful!

Brody and Ashlyn were sharing a snack and conversation on the patio of our new-to-us house in Atenas. The sunlight had that filmy, dream-like quality in which is etched memories of childhood summers. And then Brody's still-boyish, yet too-close-to-manhood-for-this-momma, voice could be heard saying to Ashlyn,

"Mom should open a restaurant. Mmmmmmmm. This is why dad married a Wyoming Woman!"

And the "this" that garnered such praise? T'was nothing other than popcorn.

What a gift, this thing called motherhood. Oh to be so highly esteemed in my son's eyes! Thank you, Lord, for the simply beautiful!

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