Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 5 in the Universe

Beach play during our recent San Diego trip

Said the bigger of the two to the littler, "Ashlyn, name your top five things in the universe."

And from the mouth of the littler came:
"Jesus, school, dogs, Kalli (her "best friend forever" in her own words), and nachos," in that order.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This boy?

This boy is a fount of wisdom. He gets it. He lives it. Sure he's my son, and surely I'm biased, but I am so proud of the young man Garrett is growing into. And yes he's a work in progress but aren't we all?

Tonight at the dinner table, shortly after a heart-to-heart teachable moment that included a reprimand, Garrett shared a nugget of truth that revealed his heart to do right by the Lord. I was so encouraged by what he'd been thinking on after our aforementioned discussion, and I was downright encouraged in my own walk with the Lord as well.

"Mom," he said. "Mrs. C [his fourth grade teacher] is always reminding us to be FAT."

"Fat?", I asked, never having heard the acronym and assuming his teacher must have meant fat on the Word or something of the sort.

"Yeah, Flexible, Adaptable, and Teachable. And really? I think that can be used in every area of our life."

Oh how right you are, son of mine!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me...on Vanity

This is me (with my dashingly handsome husband):

I like this photo, for many reasons, but you want to know the three biggest reasons?

1) I've got big ol' sunglasses on.
2) The stocking cap is nice, too.
3) It's perfectly zoomed/zoomed out.

Weird reasons, right?

Let me explain. A photo such as this is perfectly benign because it saves you from seeing what I saw the other day when I leaned in to pluck my seemingly ever-bushy brows. It was upon leaning toward the mirror that I spotted them. They and vanity are ever butting heads. They make you shudder and feel all of your 32 years. They caused me to pluck and wax. They had to show up glaringly on the same occasion, didn't they?!?

Suffice it to say, goodbye mustache and wiry, gray hairs!

Vanity wins again but oh does my pride suffer!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fields of Green

We live in a winter state. Winter as in 9 months of the year we've got snow on the ground. Winter. Winter. And more WINTER. Did I forget to mention that it's snowing as I sit and type away? Winter.

Living in a winter state is hard, but it's also beautiful. Beautiful, excepting when the snow blends with motor oil, begins melting and is splashed upon every surface within the spray's reach. But never mind that, we're not even to the melting stage.

And snow is beautiful excepting when the long winter months have caused your 30-something body to go into hibernation mode and pack on a few "survival" pounds. And it's all the snow's fault, really! I'm sure there's some biological data out there to support this hypothesis of mine.

In any case, and really I do have one, the vegetative color green shows up only in supermarket produce isles. And you know what? That's good! Very good in this case. Because when produce gives you greens, oil them, add salt and pepper, and turn it into chips! And these chips? They'll only help the poundage issue that is a directly linked with snow.

Kale, oiled with salt and pepper, ready to be baked.

Not only are these beauties simple, delicious, and healthful but your family will love you for them. And you'll feel like a superhero for giving your family the nutrient punch that comes inherently in kale chips.

The finished product, baked to crunchy perfection.

And the best thing about these? Brace yourself.... The best thing about kale chips is the lingo you can teach your family to go along with them. I made up and coined the following phrase, so much so that all I have to do is look at my kids and say, "Remember, treat your colon..." and they finish with, "like you wear it on the outside". Think about that one folks!

Kale Chips

1 bunch of kale, preferably organic
about 2 T. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Wash and dry kale completely. Tear leavess from stem, so as to avoid the chewy lower stalk. Set leaves on a large baking sheet and drizzle with oil. Massage the oil onto each leaf and then spread the leaves out on the sheet so that they don't touch . Salt and pepper to your taste.

Bake for approximately 10 minutes, but be sure to watch them closely because these babies go from done to torched in mere seconds.

Enjoy, and always remember to treat your colon like you wear it on the outside!

Conquering the world one colon at a time,