Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give Away Results

Years ago, and around Christmas time, I posted about my favorite things, ala Oprah style. I rationalized that I, too, would probably greatly influence consumerism since my blog was so steeped with followers. At the time I believe my readership was, maybe...TEN people?

My most recent contest reveals a similar popularity. TWO contest entrants? Those are some pretty good winning odds! And if you're like me and never win anything, 50/50 odds make a contest all the more appealing.

That said, in a random drawing executed by Ashlyn, the winner between the TWO commenters is Libbie. Libbie, 12 girlie pinwheels are coming your way!

Finally, a little side note to the MILLIONS of readers of my blog who didn't comment. My delusions aside, you may just want to enter future drawings. I have a feeling your odds of winning will continue to be good!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fer yoooooo!

Since we've moved into our little condo I've found myself wanting for a decorating project. Knowing that this is an in-the-interim abode, I've been hesitant to take on any major decorating projects. But, but, but, I LOVE decorating and projects!

Enter the nontraditional Valentines. This year we gave away the following to all three kids' classes:

Pixie Stix Pinwheels (this one for girls)

All together now, what an adorable (boy) bouquet!

These were super fun to put together, a creative outlet for this decorating lover, and best of all - well received all around!

So, you know you want some, right? Because I'd love to put my hand toward more craftiness AND because I love and appreciate every one of you readers out there, I'm giving away a dozen of these. Do you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend who would enjoy a pinwheel bouquet? How about upcoming party favors? Want to just keep them for yourself? Whatever the case, each commenter will be entered in a drawing for 12 of these little gems.

Just answer the following question: What has been YOUR most recent craft? And be sure to indicate if you want girl, boy, or a mix of pinwheels. I'll post the winner on Tuesday morning, so you have till then to enter.

Happy commenting, friends!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Brody: "Mom, I can totally feel that summer's coming!"

Things to note:
1) It's still mid-February in MT.
2) The temperature was in the low 40's when this photo was taken.
3) Notice the starred items in the photo, which include:
*bare legs
*no socks on either boy

Oh, how easily deceived we Montanans are when the winter temps rise above freezing! Get me my swimsuit and an umbrella. I think I'm going to go lay out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

My perspective on this day of love has been changed by the following song. May you be blessed by Matthew West's song "Wouldn't Change a Thing":
(just click the "Play" button next to where it says "Listen to the winning song")

If I'm honest, I could allow my life and this day to be earmarked by the following conflicting emotions:


...but oh the joy of resting, not in my emotions, but on the Rock of my life, Jesus Christ!

On this love day it was such a blessed reminder to walk into Ashlyn's kindergarten room and see the following emblazoned upon her Valentine receptacle:

For God so loVed the world
ThAt He gave
His onLy begotten Son
That whosoEver should
Believe iN Him
Shall noT
PerIsh but
Have eterNal
- John 3:16

My life is, indeed, perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, February 7, 2011

On Working Out Beside Your Pastor(s)

Whoa nelly! I get the distinct feeling I may be going where no (wo)man has gone before. Daunting, yes! Real, for sure! This here, folks, may just be the start of a series I could call "Keeping It Real".

It's time for me to share with you, in bullet form, the thoughts and internal dialogue that reeled through my mind after our head pastor, Jim, climbed on the elliptical RIGHT NEXT TO ME and our associate pastor, Brett, planked on the mats TO OUR IMMEDIATE LEFT. Buckle in, and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. And no judging, mm-kay? This here is honesty at it's finest:

* Oh man, it's Jim...what's pastoral protocol when it comes to greeting a sweaty tank-topped woman on the elliptical? Act natural...take out your ear bud, smile, and say hi Jim.

* Surely I don't want to make him feel bad...maybe I should slow down. But what if he's holding back right now but will push the RPM's up after his warm-up, leaving me in the dust? Oh Jennie, this isn't a competition. But wait, what if it is?

* Okay, don't look, it seems he's entering his information. That means he'll be entering his weight. What does he weigh? None of your bees wax. New approach - blinders! Pretend you have your blinders on!

* Blinders are on! But what if I'm being unfriendly? No, err on the side of not crossing whatever imaginary line may exist. For heaven's sake, you don't want him to think you're hitting on him. Hitting on him? I'd never do that...well then don't make it seem like you could be.

* Food Network is a safe channel right? Nothing offending? Oh shoot, why did that commercial have to have a chef wearing such a low-cut top? Did I just expose my pastor to her cleavage without even meaning to? What's he thinking? Should I change the channel. Oh wait, we're back to grilling, this is safe!

* Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! I should have laid off the jalapeno poppers at last nights' super bowl party. Jennie, you know poppers cause gas. Just HOLD. IT. IN! If it were anybody else you could let it slip (slowly and silently for sure) but this is your pastor!

* Brett can plank? He's pretty old. Old? What if he knew you referred to him as old? Whatever, in any case, he can plank! And side plank? When I get off this machine I am so going to out-plank him.

* Start timing him now. Go! One second, two seconds, ten seconds, one minute...He doesn't even know it but he's giving me a run for my money! I'm going to have to plank for over a minute? Oh well, at least he'll be gone by the time I'm done on the elliptical and he won't know whether my plank beats his or not.

* Look away! He's looking up and again, girlfriend, you don't want to be caught staring at your associate pastor.

* Do Jim and Brett meet after they workout? Will they discuss the fact that I was watching them? But I'm not watching them. Clearly I'm NOT. WATCHING. THEM.

* Oh phew, Jim's only doing 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'll be on longer than him and, clearly, I'll have won. Oh Jennie, it's not a competition. But maybe it was.

* He's done cleaning his machine. Do I say goodbye?

* "Bye Jim, have a good workout, or day, err...". Just smile and it'll be alright.

* Oh look, Brett's done too and I only have a couple minutes left.

* I wonder if stress combined with cardio ups your calorie burn?

* The coast is clear now. Just let it out slowly and silently.

Friends, let me assure you that you would not have envied my position! Working out beside pastors is not recommended from this chica! But really, do you think I got a better workout because of it?

And for the record recycled jalapeno poppers *AHEM* aren't all that bad!

And the best part of this whole thing? I can rest assured this'll get back to one or the both of them in some shape or form.

Pray for me!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gotta Love This Kid

The call came at 2:50 p.m.

Our school's assistant administrator called to let me know that Brody was itching and had broken out in little bumps all over his face, neck, and arms. Off to his school I went to pick him up.

Before I tell you of the conversation that ensued between Brody and I, I have to tell you of our family discussion over breakfast this morning. After family devotions we discussed talents given to each of us by God. As we discussed, Brody determined that my talent was, "having babies".

So on our drive home from the school the conversation went like this:

Me: What did your teacher say when you told her you were itchy? Did she tell you to go to the office?

Brody: No, it was me who told my teacher that I was itchy, and I asked her to call my mom so that she could figure it out.

Me: Well if anybody could figure it out it must be mom, huh?

Brody: Yeah because you've worked with me for 7 years, Ashlyn for 6 years, and Garrett for 9 years so you must know how to heal a lot of sicknesses.

I LOVE that in Brody's mind I'm a baby-making, illness-healing wonder. Watch out world, here I come!