Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give Away Results

Years ago, and around Christmas time, I posted about my favorite things, ala Oprah style. I rationalized that I, too, would probably greatly influence consumerism since my blog was so steeped with followers. At the time I believe my readership was, maybe...TEN people?

My most recent contest reveals a similar popularity. TWO contest entrants? Those are some pretty good winning odds! And if you're like me and never win anything, 50/50 odds make a contest all the more appealing.

That said, in a random drawing executed by Ashlyn, the winner between the TWO commenters is Libbie. Libbie, 12 girlie pinwheels are coming your way!

Finally, a little side note to the MILLIONS of readers of my blog who didn't comment. My delusions aside, you may just want to enter future drawings. I have a feeling your odds of winning will continue to be good!


Little apartment in the city said...

Yay for Libbie! Enjoy those pinwheels! Greetings from one of your numerous (or 2) fans :)
Love you!

Libbie said...


The joke in my family is that Dave and I never win anything even when they say everyone will be a winner!

That said, I am soooo excited to win something. Maybe my luck is turning around....it has nothing to do with the great odds! :)

I know more that 2 people read your blog. I just don't know why people don't like to comment. I have that problem too!