Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fer yoooooo!

Since we've moved into our little condo I've found myself wanting for a decorating project. Knowing that this is an in-the-interim abode, I've been hesitant to take on any major decorating projects. But, but, but, I LOVE decorating and projects!

Enter the nontraditional Valentines. This year we gave away the following to all three kids' classes:

Pixie Stix Pinwheels (this one for girls)

All together now, what an adorable (boy) bouquet!

These were super fun to put together, a creative outlet for this decorating lover, and best of all - well received all around!

So, you know you want some, right? Because I'd love to put my hand toward more craftiness AND because I love and appreciate every one of you readers out there, I'm giving away a dozen of these. Do you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend who would enjoy a pinwheel bouquet? How about upcoming party favors? Want to just keep them for yourself? Whatever the case, each commenter will be entered in a drawing for 12 of these little gems.

Just answer the following question: What has been YOUR most recent craft? And be sure to indicate if you want girl, boy, or a mix of pinwheels. I'll post the winner on Tuesday morning, so you have till then to enter.

Happy commenting, friends!


Anonymous said...


Those are so cute. I still am amazed at how you find time to DO everything you do. So you do need to post how you made them too!

As far as my most recent craft. I made snowflakes with my kids and I have to say they turned awful. I had forgotten how to make them and needed to brush up on my snowflake making skills.

Girl colors please :)


Little apartment in the city said...

Not sure that you can get one of those fun pin-wheels to where I'm at, but I enter the drawing anyway!! My most recent craft was a (crochet) cardigan for my newborn niece. Will post a picture on my blog once my sister has gotten the package, since it is still a surprise for her!

Love your blog! Irene