Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 5 in the Universe

Beach play during our recent San Diego trip

Said the bigger of the two to the littler, "Ashlyn, name your top five things in the universe."

And from the mouth of the littler came:
"Jesus, school, dogs, Kalli (her "best friend forever" in her own words), and nachos," in that order.


Little apartment in the city said...

Awesome. I love those little ones!

Libbie said...

First, I LOVE that Kalli made the list. Not sure what I think about the order (after dogs) :)

Second, you MUST post more pics I was very disappointed. You are tempting me with one little pic of your trip.

Third, what is you top 5...of things your allowed to post at least :O

Anonymous said...

Kids are so honest! Love the critters.