Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me...on Vanity

This is me (with my dashingly handsome husband):

I like this photo, for many reasons, but you want to know the three biggest reasons?

1) I've got big ol' sunglasses on.
2) The stocking cap is nice, too.
3) It's perfectly zoomed/zoomed out.

Weird reasons, right?

Let me explain. A photo such as this is perfectly benign because it saves you from seeing what I saw the other day when I leaned in to pluck my seemingly ever-bushy brows. It was upon leaning toward the mirror that I spotted them. They and vanity are ever butting heads. They make you shudder and feel all of your 32 years. They caused me to pluck and wax. They had to show up glaringly on the same occasion, didn't they?!?

Suffice it to say, goodbye mustache and wiry, gray hairs!

Vanity wins again but oh does my pride suffer!

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