Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh I Had a Little Chickie

Oh I had a little chickie and it wouldn't lay an egg, so I poured hot water up and down it's legs. And it giggled and it giggled and it giggled all the day, and my poor little chickie laid a hard boiled egg. Can I just say that I wish somebody had told me that boiling water won't cause a chick to lay eggs! Oh stop it, I kid! Don't ya'll go calling PETA on me!

For your viewing pleasure as well as for those with prying minds I've provided some updated chick photos and some other photos that detail just how they fit into our lives at this point. Never fear, their integration into our family has been seamless. The kids are loving having additional playmates in the sandbox:
Four Wheelin' Chickie (look closely)

Construction Chickie

(This is Jordan one of two by the way. The kids have named the chickies in pairs)

Bad Girl (again, one of two)

Chickie Feet

Over Easy (get it?)

And I can't end this post without mentioning that my dear, loving, dedicated hubby spent his ENTIRE weekend slaving away on a chicken coop. And it aint just any old coop. It's a mighty fine humdinger of a coop. I guarantee pictures of the coop as well as before and after photos of dear husband! You do know that coop contruction causes before and after effects, right? Hang in there to see what I mean!

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Anonymous said...

hey nice birds.....i wanna raise some brahmas myself....i've heard their good tempered roosters though!!