Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brahmas, and Leghorns, and Chochins, OH MY!!!

Reader folk, listen well! I want you to be aware of the sacrifices I make for you. Yes, you! And why? Well because I love you so. Do you know how I started my day? With chick poop. Not just chick poop, but chick poop in the palm of my hand. All for the above photos. Alas, the sacrifices required for blog fodder!

So my latest conquest has become to raise laying hens. But laying hens start as sweet adorable chickies, right? And so, I bring you...sweet adorable chickies! For years I have talked about raising chickens and have expounded on the value of organically raised, hormone free eggs. Finally it's no longer just talk!

As of yesterday we became the proud owners of six little puffballs. Oh they're cute! Stinky, but cute! My laundry room is now an incubator. My laundry room is now filled with the cheeps of two week old chickens. My laundry room is now the very most interesting room in the house and the room that is occupied most.

Chicksitters? I've got 'em. The kids are at their post most of the daylight hours and are ensuring that the poultry are well fed, well watered, well groomed, and well harassed! Never fear, these little chickies won't be neglected!

I'll be keeping you updated on the progress of the little gals. Hopefully in six or so months I'll be reporting on the deliciousness of home-grown eggs. In the mean time wish me luck. I'm sure the chicks will be flying the coop (aka laundry room) all-too-soon. Oh, and anyone know of any good chicken recipes? Kidding, kidding, I'm sorry....

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