Sunday, September 11, 2011

Full, full, and full

Life as of late has been very full. Full of...

Evidence of a very dirty new-to-us ironing board:

Remarkable before...

...and after photos:

Rainy day play:

First day of 5th grade:

First day of 3rd grade:

First day of 1st grade:

Followed by the first day of 2nd grade due to a promotion:

Fist day of language school for Dad and Mom:

New and exciting produce:

And a 10th birthday celebrated in Costa Rica.

Mostly though, our hearts are full: full of thanksgiving for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Carolyne Beers said...

Love the pictures Jennie! They did bring tears to my eyes! We miss you so much! Daniel had a hard time at Sunday School today because they moved up to a new class and it made him sad that Brody wasn't there with him! We are so proud of your family though! I check your blog often and I pray for you all the time! Please hug your family for us! And, please send an address soon. Our email is I love you friend!


Carolyne Beers said...

So, I was just looking at your pictures again and I think your sweet little girl grew up from 1st day of 1st grade to 1st day of 2nd grade! She looks older in the 2nd grade picture! Funny!

Stephanie said...

I hope everyone is enjoying school! How exciting that Ashlyn moved right in to 2nd grade! Congratualtions, Ashlyn!