Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The View From Here

This could be any street, in any major city, in any country around the world but it's not. This street is our daily walk home from school, in the country to which God has called our family.

This path we're walking could be over any river, in any state, in any forest around the world but it's not. This path is the one we have chosen to walk, in the country to which God has called our family.

This flag could be the one we're most accustomed to, the one to which we pledged allegiance, daily, in our home country but it's not. This is the flag of the country to which we've been called, and it's the Costa Rican flag.

So much about our life right now is not what we are accustomed to or what we would call home. So much of it is new, uncomfortable, daunting, unexpected, rewarding, challenging, and perspective-altering all at once.

This is Costa Rica. And this is to where God has called. We welcome all He has for us!

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Mom Keena said...

Hi there, sweet Jennie! I loved seeing your photos, and hearing your commitment to the place God has called you. I will pray especially for you today, that you will feel His call, His arms around you, and His light guiding you.

Scott Doherty said...

This street looks familiar

Carolyne Beers said...

Your dedication to your calling is so amazing! We pray daily for you and hope that you will feel blessed as you "walk this new road"! We love you all!

kd211005 said...
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