Saturday, August 20, 2011

Costa Rica, here we come

As we fly to San Jose, Costa Rica I wanted to take the time to update this neglected blog of mine one last time before touching down in our new culture. Isn't technology amazing...blogging from the air.

As soon as we have Internet up and running in our new home I plan full well to do a blog update that brings justice to my last few weeks' absence.

Know that all five of us are well and oh so excited to enter another period of transition. That and excited to finally have a place to lay our heads after a month long period of "homelessness"!

See ya on the flip-side!


Carolyne Beers said...

We miss you guys so much! Jennie, church isn't the same without seeing you worship! I love how much you love God! We anxiously await news from you...and an address! : ) Good Luck with this wonderful adventure for God! We love you!

From The Beers Family

Mom Keena said...

So exciting! Yes, please keep us posted! <<>>

Little apartment in the city said...

So when's the update coming?! We just can't wait to hear of your first impressions, especially from the mouths of the little ones, of course! So excited for you guys. Lots of love,

themontanadanielsons said...

What a blessing you are! So excited for this adventure you & your family are on! You are changing lives AND creating an amazing framework for your kids. You often come to mind & heart & have our complete support & prayer cover!

All our love,
the Danielsons