Friday, June 6, 2008


Now, I wouldn't define getting a flat in the middle of podunk Montana as fun, but to each his own, right? If you asked my kids what they thought of our flat tire experience they may just tell you that Ken's Tire in Hardin, Montana was the only fun they had on the entire trip. Heck, they may even tell you that climbing in and out of stacks of tires is more fun than an amusement park. And they may even tell you that we force feed them ground up night crawlers, but that's neither here nor there. My point is that a child's perception isn't always accurate or reliable, and furthermore my point is that our delay in Hardin seemed like nothing more than a two hour delay to an already long road trip.

But whoa, was I ever wrong. If we hadn't been delayed by our two hour tire fiasco I would have missed an exceedingly incredible photo op. It's photos like these that make me sit back, take a deep breathe and even praise the Lord for flat tires (did I just say that?).

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LeAnn said...

If getting a flat causes sunsets like that, Bring it on. A much more beautiful and uplifting sight than your poor basement torn apart. How aweful!! Has it really been raining that much or is there some unfortunate leak causing problems. You're handling it with Jennie-ease, I'm sure.