Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life As We Know It

For my faithful blog readers, I'm still here!!

Initially I was on hiatus because my internet connection took a crash. Finally, after five days without online capabilities (can you hear me sobbing where you're at?) I was back up and running. I could have blogged that first day, really I could have, but...okay really there's no excuse.

Then a few days ago we received some very unsettling news about Zack's dad (George) having been transported to the hospital via ambulance. Long story short: Zack is now in Denver with his dad who is still in the hospital. George has a fractured vertebrae as well as anemia for which the cause is currently unknown. It seems the doctors are very concerned about why his red blood count is so low and will keep him there till a diagnosis is established. The cracked vertebrae is extremely painful and basically has Goerge bedridden at this point.

All that to say that your prayers for George are appreciated. And I promise, I won't be gone much longer, I just have to dig my way out of domestic duties before I can spend much time online! How's that song go..."I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never keep me down...".

Till we meet again (VERY soon, I promise),
Jennie the Not So Faithful Blogger

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christine said...

So sorry to hear that, we will pray for him and the the doctors will figure out what is going on in his body.