Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting To Know You

Ho hum, it's a quiet day at home with not a whole lot of blog worthy fodder. So, ya'll get to meet the kiddos over the next few days. And for family, here's an update on the ones you're really interested in when you call to chat!
First up is our youngest, Ashlyn Grace, our bubbly, three-years-old-in-all-its-glory little girl (with a new "shortcut" I might add):

Isn't it amazing to look back on years gone by? Just over three years ago I was a sobbing mess of hormones contemplating how I would possibly mother another child with a then 2-year-old and then six-month-old at home. In fact, after finding out that the in utero baby was a girl, Zack and I took a step of faith naming her "Ashlyn" which means "vision of God". Goodness knows she wasn't our vision at the time! However, had I been on this end of things, with the priceless gift of hindsight, she WOULD have without a doubt been my vision for our family!

So who is Ashlyn? I think the question more aptly would be who isn't Ashlyn? Throw together some of the sweetest, most endearing qualities you can think of and you'll know what I mean! Amongst all that sweetness if a fair dose of spunk that probably results from having older brothers. I girl's got to defend herself, man! And no, ABSOLUTELY NOT, to you scoffers among the crowd, there is NO WAY she got that spunk from me. *Cue the angels* I am all sugar and spice gall darn it!

I love the age of three. Some of the greatest "isms" result from this age of growing independence and equally growing vocabulary. For example here are, straight from the mouth of the star of the show, some Ashlynisms:
~"Daddy, I love you all day long."
~"When I get big I'm going to die and go to heaven and be a boy."
~"Good job Bwody (Brody)."
~"Baby Mikayla (a friend's three-month-old) looks just like Lucy (Ashlyn's baby doll). They have the same wittle (little) hands and same wittle nose and same wittle hair!"
~"Finn (another friend's one-year-old) is such a cutie sweetie."
~"Mom can I please vacuum?" and "Mom, can I dust the piano?" These two are music to my ears!!

The list could go on and on, and I guarantee that the best Ashlynisms of all are escaping my memory at the moment! In short, the only little girl in our family is quite a joy and I look forward to seeing who she grows into as the years speed by me at lightning speed. Which makes me offer, if any of ya'll know the secret to slowing the passing of time please do share! I'm noticing that these precious days are simply too fleeting!

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christine said...

What a great picture. She is a doll!