Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Atenas' Snowcone Equivalent, much more delicious and rich!
Breakfast. We've never tasted a more delicious pineapple!
Just one of the very different plants that abound.
Our bungalow at Poco Cielo Resort.
The infinity pool that we are yet to visit here at Poco Cielo.

Phew, what a packed day yesterday was! We hit the ground running and fell into bed exhausted. The good news is that we feel like we are getting a good idea of what the area, schools, housing options, people, EMI office, and churches are like. Of course, there's always more to learn!

A few fun facts:
- An iguana running on a metal roof sounds like nothing you've ever heard before. If I had to guess, the one we heard was LARGE (but they're harmless).
- Geckos chirp, and chirp fairly loudly. Those "monkeys" I thought I was hearing? Those were geckos. Funny, because we heard them chirp while traveling in Africa and they weren't nearly as vocal.
- Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos/Ticas. So most everything around is referred to as Tico Style.
- Language school would actually probably take us A YEAR not six months. We should know more after our visit to the language school in San Jose this afternoon.
- Speaking of San Jose, there's a great sign we saw as we were driving around looking at homes. One arrow pointed toward Los Angelas, the other arrow toward San Jose. Are we in California?

Thanks for following along. We are enjoying the adventure this trip has been, and we thank everyone of you for your support, prayers, and interest. We couldn't do this without you!


Zack said...

I would LOVE to be there right now.I love you so much and miss you. Garrett
It looks really nice there. What kind of plant was that? Love, Brody
Ashlyn wants to write you at a different time. She got emotional.
The place you are staying at looks great. Love Mom/Mother Sax

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see your post. It made me feel a bit connected as we are missing our fun friends! You need to post more with some pics of you! Oh, I can't wait to hear how the week was for you guys.

p.s.tell your mom if Ashlyn needs some Kalli time to give us a call. Kalli has Friday off from school.jok

Mom Keena said...

Hey, look at you, far, far away from here, but exactly where you should be! So I guess the plank competition is over? Shoot! I was really hoping to get in on that one. :) So glad to see you enjoying your new place!