Thursday, October 6, 2011

The View From Here

Serious multitasking is going on in this casa! Ever tried studying for a big Spanish grammar test while baking and frosting cupcakes?

Let's pray there's scientific evidence out there that proves that baking increases retention of Spanish. Sounds good in theory, right. *ahem*

For those inquiring minds, these cupcakes sound dynamite! Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes (yes, there's homemade cookie hidden dough hidden inside each cupcake), topped with cream cheese frosting. And they are awaiting the addition of a small chocolate chip cookie as a topper.

I used the following recipe and will let you know what popular opinion says after our "Sweet Meet and Greet" for our language schools' current students and teachers:

Oh and I guess I'd better plan on letting you know of test results as well. A woman's got to have priorities! Pray for me.

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Carol K. said...

Me parece que las tortitas (just making up a word for cupcake) serĂ¡n deliciosas. Buena suerte en tu examen.

Carolyne Beers said...


You are always an inspiration and a big source of encouragement to me!

Love, Carolyne

PS-Hope the test went well!

Beth said...

Those look amazing! How did they taste? Hope the test went well!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your frosting look perfect. I always love you baking posts!


~Rosanne said...

They were so delish, thanks for your help. HUGS dear friend.