Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Age is Irrelevant

There's nothing like turning 26-years-old. Young and carefree, the world is before you and the regrets are behind. That's right, I said I turned *ahem* 26-years-old. Happy belated birthday to me! For those of you who are old cronies, well beyond 26-years-old, here's how Check Spelling26-years-old looks:

Upon closer inspection you'll notice that 26-years-old embraces weird mouth appliances. Can't see it? Take a closer look at 26-years-old:
Still can't see it? Okay, here's an even closer look at the 26-year-old Mago Bite Adjuster that's a result of years of grinding and clenching:
Nothing like a lisp and protruding lips to make you feel all of 31-years-old. Oops, did I slip and say 31-years-old? Silly me, just look at the top picture and tell me I'm not 26-years-old. Please!?!?!?

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MeeHee said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!