Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Post That Isn't (in any form) Titled We Miss Mexico

Zack and Garrett, surf fishing partners

The hooligans chasing waves

Landscape (notice the blue, blue water that I don't miss at all)

Our resort, Royal Solaris del Cabo (and of course I don't miss it. No way!)

The happy couple plus one

I mean, really. What's to miss? It's not like there was sun, warmth, nothing but relaxation, endless food and drink, beach lounging and very little responsibility. It's not that coming back to Bozeman conversely meant overcast skies, cold weather with nearly a foot of snow the day after we got back. It doesn't mean I'm back to all the responsibilities of homemaking and motherhood, school, and every other commitment.

Mexico, hmpf! What's to miss?

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures and memories. I especially like the one of the kids on the beach and how dainty Ashlyn looks, even from a distance. It is so good to enjoy and remember the gifts of being together and honoring family. I'm glad you live here so you can appreciate what you don't miss all the more. (besides the added benifit of being blessed by you and your family)