Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Easter From Our Own Little Funny Farm To Yours

In the midst of the craziness that has been the past two and a half weeks it felt so good to collaborate with the kids on a spring craft. The above photo models our results. These little animals are simply too cute for their own good and relatively easy to make. It's our little way of saying Happy Spring to you!
What a blogging slacker I've been, huh? Blogging, unfortunately, has been the least of my worries most recently. Suffice it to say that our guarded optimism regarding Zack's dad was quickly dashed. How can a person go from a seemingly inconsequential hospitalization on February 14th to a blessed end to suffering on March 11th? Zack and I are reeling in a current state of surrealism. It's hard to believe, hard to accept, and absolutely shocking that George has passed on. I've got so much more to say on this because having been present for a good part of his last two weeks, and there with him when he passed, my life has been altered. I'm currently in a state of processing so bear with me through the next few weeks of posting ya'll.
And by the way, I just want to thank everyone for their positive response to this outlet of mine. It truly is a joy for me to share my life with you, and such a great hobby for me. Stay tuned because there's a whole lot more to come! Till then, ciao (just pretend with me that I'm Italian, capiche? Right now it just sounds oh so "Calgon take me away"!).
*By the way, something's up with Blogger and it isn't allowing me to space between paragraphs. You'll just have to excuse the jumbled mess of words. Funny, it aptly represents where I'm at in my mind at the moment...

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